October 5, 2019

Many couples find that the passion is gone only after a couple of years into the relations, so you aren’t alone in this. Waiting for things to fall in the right places doesn’t work. You need to start thinking about how you can reignite the love.

Your sweetheart needs more attention from your – both during the coitus, as well as before and after it.

How to improve?

First, watch some romantic XXX movies with the hottest pornstars and see the ways the men caress, kiss and play with their partners’ bodies. Just drilling your gf’s pussy won’t do you much good.

Second, make sure that she cums first every time you have sex. Nobody would be happy with having sexual relations without any orgasms in them, right?

Third, don’t just focus on her breasts and pussy. Massage her butt, lower back, shoulders. Kiss her back of the neck, tongue her nipples.

And make sure that cunnilingus slowly gets the place in your sexcapades it justifiably deserves.

It’s completely manly to play with your partner’s pussy – humans have been doing this for thousands of years.