October 8, 2019

A cry of»help save marriage» is not something that couples expect during their lifetime of being together. In fact, a difficult marriage is never planned or trained for. In most cases, couples see marriages that have failed and think theirs won’t. Five or ten years down the line, these couples begin feeling like their marriages is doomed, and their thoughts are quite obvious at this point-divorce!

To be honest, everybody who lives with a husband or wife experiences some ups and down moments at one point in their marriages.

This is quite normal though. But if we could only see the future beyond the wedding day, i doubt if most of us would still be able to go through that wedding day. But since this is an impossibility, it would only be wise that we consider ways that could help save our marriages, now that we are already in them and we can’t see what the future holds.

So, what should couples do to save their marriage when it’s about to break apart?

Firstly, it’s imperative that both couples work together to save the sinking boat. You should share the information with your spouse and let them know that you have a feeling that your marriage is doomed. Discussing this may be a good starting point, rather than living on denial.

The second important thing is to take an inventory of your relationship and see where things are currently standing. It may sound scary, but if you can’t see what you already have and what’s missing, it’s going to be very difficult to attempt saving your marriage. It’s like you want to go on a road trip, you know the direction but you are refusing to look at where you want to go. In order to save marriage, you should be honest and respectful to your spouse. Think before you speak.

The inventory in question should be pretty much like a checklist in a warehouse. You could try getting the list together while avoiding to defend how you feel or discussing each other.

This way, you’ll stay focused, and you’ll get to the bottom of what’s causing problems in your marriage. You should note that this isn’t about finger-pointing one another, it’s about getting to work together to find viable solutions to your problems.

Lastly, put a stop on the things that seem to annoy your spouse.

You know all those things that make him/her blood to boil. This is just the same person whom you’d have given your life for during your big day. Why do you do or say things that are hurtful to them? Keep your spouse from becoming angry or frustrated over your behaviors. You can’t solve a doomed marriage if you continue doing the same things that make them angry.

I may not know what is currently happening in your marriage, but one thing i know is this; there’s no one obstacle that you can’t overcome together. The most important thing is to save your marriage using every means that is within your reach. Yes, you could help save marriage even today.